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Major commercials, international corporations, and large farming operations have all relied on Andy Daniels’ knowledge and skill to buy and sell grains. GrainAnalyst.com presents a rare opportunity to take advantage of the research, analysis, and trading services offered by one of the most accomplished grain traders today!

Andy’s Trades

Let Andy Daniels guide your trading, sharing with YOU the same insight, experience, research and analysis that goes into every trade he makes for clients around the world! Receive detailed trade calls in futures and options, spreads, and straight options plays. Andy will provide both speculative and hedging strategies, trading on price action and volatility. View Andy’s Trade Recs.

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Each morning before the opening bell you’ll receive Andy’s comprehensive research report on the trading day ahead. Andy puts the markets into perspective with his analysis of the opening calls, fundamentals, macro influences, and more, all delivered in his clear, straightforward style. Traders around the world rely on Andy’s daily briefing and you will too. It’s information you’ll use every day! View Andy’s Daily Grain Report.

Insider Perspective

Looking for some Insider Trade Perspective? Andy lives and breathes these markets, he trades them everyday with his own money. He knows the Ag markets – so check out his perspective. Go To Insider Perspective.

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